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265fs Source of Uncertainty

In a frenzy of Buchla-DIY-kit collecting at some point in the mid-2010s, I had managed to acquire the front panel for a Buchla 265 but no circuit board or electronics to sit behind it. Therefore, after the nCoV-lockdown of 2020 allowing me to build the Buchla system I had planned years before, I decided to layout my own PCB for the 265 panel I had. Upon searching for schematics and/or documentation, I immediately found Non-Linear Circuits' "Sauce of Unce" design, which, whilst function-identical, bypasses the need for expensive components and a +24V rail in a Buchla system just to produce some random voltages.

In laying out the NLC design against the Buchla panel, I realised I could add and adjust various things:

Like the majority of Buchla designs, there are also some caveats to all of this: Audio demos can be found here

I am pleased to be able to offer both bare and semi-assembled, fully-tested circuit boards for this 265 revision! The semi-assembled boards come with all surface-mount electronics fitted and fully tested. These boards only require jacks + LEDs + a power connector + a panel + knobs + mounting hardware in order to be turned into a fully working module. £5 of each sale is sent to Andrew at NLC as a royalty. Boards will begin shipping by the end of October 2020, with BoM and build information to follow in this time. Prices listed below are exclusive of VAT (added at checkout) and shipping costs can be selected via the drop-down menus.

Bare 265 PCB - £30 each

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Semi-assembled 265 PCB - £200 each

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